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Training of Secondary Teachers in Displacement-affected Communities in the IGAD Region Teacher’s Manual Psychosocial Support (PSS)

Welcome to the Psychosocial Support Module. Psychosocial wellbeing is a necessary condition for any human being to realize their full potential and to lead fulfilling, healthy and productive lives. People that have positive and healthy psychosocial wellbeing are more likely to be confident, have positive self-esteem, feel safe, and be able to solve problems, make decisions, build positive social relationships, to work together and resolve conflicts1.

All students have psychosocial needs. These needs can vary depending on a student’s age, their life experiences, their family situation, their gender, their abilities, and their individual personalities. The school and classroom environment, as well as the relationships between students and the teacher and student, can contribute to supporting students’ psychosocial wellbeing. This 2-day psychosocial support (PSS) module aims to prepare secondary school teachers in the IGAD region to support both the psychosocial wellbeing of their students, as well as themselves.

Due to the experience of displacement and exposure to prolonged adversity, as well as the experience of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the psychosocial wellbeing of students and their families has been impacted in many ways. For students, the experience of schools being closed for significant amounts of time will have vastly influenced their psychosocial support systems and wellbeing.

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