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  • Aboubkaer Adam, Ambassador republic of Sudan and our Chair
  • Moussa Mohamed Omar, – Djibouti
  • Berhanu Tegaye – Ethiopia
  • Saadia Salim – Ag. Amb Kenya
  • Omar Yasin Mohamed – Representing Somalia
  • James Pitia Morgan – South sudan
  • Rebecca Otengo – Uganda


  1. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the IGAD 2022 Budget Meeting whose objectives are two-fold
    1. To review the performance of the first year of the IGAD Strategy for the period 2021-2025
    2. To present the budget proposal for the coming year 2022.


  1. In 2021, IGAD has made significant progress in delivering tangible benefits to our member states through our programs and projects implemented especially the IGAD designated cross-border clusters.


  1. Despite the major challenges of covid-19 and the peace and security situation currently experienced in our region, IGAD has remained committed to deliver resilience-building interventions for the citizens of the region as part of the implementation of the IGAD strategy.


  1. To enhance IGAD’s corporate capacity to deliver its mandate, the Secretariat has continued to implement the several crucial reform initiatives such the digitalization agenda to improve institutional efficiency and minimize the operational costs.


  1. IGAD deeply appreciates the decision of that was made to regularize individual contributions and establish equity between Member States.


  1. IGAD is grateful for the contributions received from the Member States in 2021, which have made it possible for the Secretariat to meet its obligations to its Member States as reported to you during the Experts meeting yesterday.


  1. IGAD also receives, with gratitude the approval of the increase by 15% of the IGAD Budget for the year 2022. This is a reaffirmation of the continued commitment of Member States and unwavering support to the Secretariat.


  1. IGAD also wishes to thank the Member States for the signal they have issued to clear the outstanding arrears through flexible and negotiated arrangements that will be formulated on a country-by-country basis with IGAD.


  1. The clearance of arrears will be particularly useful in funding our objective of regional economic integration by initiating Member-State funded cross-border projects to complement the efforts of our international partners.


  1. We believe in the value of strategic partnership in delivering regional commitments with focus on deepening and widening our relations with member states, development partners, relevant international and regional agencies, civil society, academia and the private sector.


  1. IGAD welcomes the opportunity that the approval of this budget offers to advance the strategic objectives of our organization in order to realize the shared vision for a peaceful, prosperous and economically integrated region.

Download the attached Speech in PDF below

ES Talking Points – 2022 IGAD MS Budget Meeting[27]

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