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A discussion on the draft action plan to operationalize the Regional Migration Policy Framework (RMPF) was held in the Addis Ababa on 13-14th December 2013 by IGAD member states. The objective of this discussion was to brainstorm on the Migration Action Plan (MAP) that intends to make operational the Framework adopted by the IGAD council of ministers in 2012. More specifically, the meeting discussed the strategic priorities, actions and activities; refined the approaches and implementation timelines and discussed the resource mobilization and institutional aspects of the MAP. The meeting was attended by member states ministries of immigration, justice, national security and labour or their equivalent.

The IGAD RMPF is the guiding and reference policy framework on migration drawn from the Migration policy Framework for Africa (MPFA) adopted in Banjul in 2006 while responding to the unique challenges and opportunities of the IGAD region. Member states of IGAD are encouraged to use the document as a reference as they develop their own national migration policies.

For any further information on this action, please contact

Caroline Njuki, Migration Coordinator

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