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December 20, 2023 (NAIROBI, Kenya): the IGAD Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development Unit under the Peace and Security Division conducted a successful regional experience-sharing workshop on post-conflict reconstruction and development (PCRD). The workshop brought together officials and senior experts from IGAD member states who are actively engaged in post-conflict peace processes, reconciliation, disarmament, demobilization, re-integration (DDR), transitional justice, and other related issues.

The workshop was officially opened by the Director Hon. Siraj Fegessa who remarked that the IGAD Region isfaced with numerous conflict dynamics, including inter-and-intra conflicts, violent extremism, governance challenges, humanitarian emergencies, natural disasters, extreme poverty, drought, and other issues. In response to these challenges, the IGAD Peace and Security Division (PSD) is committed to contributing to sustainable peace, security, and economic integration in the region. A key strategic objective of the PSD is post-conflict reconstruction and development (PCRD). The Division implemented the IGAD PCRD Policy Framework, outlining comprehensive measures to address the needs of post-conflict populations, prevent disputes from escalating, and consolidate sustainable development, security, and peace.

The primary objective of the workshop was to facilitate experience sharing and peer learning among member states’ peace and security institutions on PCRD. Specific objectives included assessing existing post-conflict reconstruction and development policies and strategies, exchanging views to identify good practices and lessons learned, and aligning post-conflict capacity-building needs for each member state. The workshop employed a diverse range of methodologies to achieve its objectives. These include; presentations, group discussions, and experience sharing. At the end of the workshop, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the regional policy framework guiding post-conflict efforts. Member states actively shared their experiences, identifying valuable practices and lessons learned in the realm of post-conflict reconstruction and development. The workshop facilitated the identification and alignment of post-conflict capacity-building needs for each member state, laying the groundwork for targeted support.

By fostering collaboration, sharing experiences, and identifying best practices, the workshop has contributed significantly to the ongoing efforts in post-conflict reconstruction and development.

This workshop was funded by the European Union through the Africa Peace and Security Architecture Program (APSA) IV Program.

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