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December 21, 2023, (ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia): The Committee of Ambassadors of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) unanimously endorsed the IGAD Regional Budget for 2024, marking a 9.5% increase aimed at steering the organisation toward fulfilling its mandate and achieving success in peace, security, and developmental objectives.

The opening session commenced with Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, the IGAD Executive Secretary, extending a warm welcome to the Ambassadors, acknowledging the unwavering political and financial support from member states that has significantly fortified IGAD’s initiatives at regional and national levels.

In his address, Dr. Workneh expressed his appreciation for the unanimous adoption of the budget, emphasising, “The IGAD Committee of Ambassadors’ endorsement of the 2024 budget demonstrates our member states’ committed and remarkable support, propelling IGAD toward becoming a purpose-driven multilateral organization.”

“Additionally, to bolster our capacity to fulfill our mandate, the Secretariat has actively implemented crucial reform initiatives such as the digitalisation agenda, enhancing institutional efficiency while reducing operational costs,” he emphasised.

Furthermore, Dr. Workneh introduced H.E. Mohamed Abdi Ware, the new Deputy Executive Secretary, recognising his extensive diplomatic and regional experience as a valuable asset for the organisation’s future endeavors.

Dr. Workneh took the opportunity to formally present a comprehensive financial report to the IGAD Chair – Djibouti, who subsequently shared it with member states for review and consideration.

Prior to the Committee of Ambassadors meeting, a two-day expert session convened where secretariat delegates and member state representatives discussed contributions and flagship programs. Notably, the construction of the new IGAD Headquarters in Djibouti City.

Representing the IGAD Executive Secretary at the expert meeting, Mr. Josephat Onyari, the Director of Administration and Finance at IGAD, expressed gratitude for member states’ unwavering support toward IGAD’s initiatives and missions. He also stressed the urgency of intensifying country-level consultations among member states, underscoring the importance of aligning these discussions with the regional strategy for 2021-2025.

The meeting concluded with IGAD member states approving the 2024 budget, marking a 9.5% increment, and endorsing the construction budget for the new IGAD Headquarters in Djibouti, signalling strategic expansion.

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