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The Executive Secretary


By February 15, 2017No Comments

15-02-2017, Djibouti – The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) this morning signed a Memorandum of Understanding with International Alert, a civil society organization towards enhancing cooperation and working partnership considering that the two organizations having common mandates, values and challenges. 

The areas of cooperation will initially focus on trading for peace, facilitation of smoother trade along border posts starting with the border posts between Ethiopia and Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda, and Sudan and Ethiopia. Other areas of cooperation include drought resilience, combating and reducing effects of climate change, natural resource management, peace building and managing conflicts without violence, fight against terrorism and boosting cross border trade as the priority areas to impact positively the people in the IGAD region.

Speaking on behalf of the Executive Secretary of IGAD, Mr. Mohamed Moussa appreciated the initiative for International Alert to partner with IGAD and expressed optimism that it will be of great benefit to the people in the region. 

Through this partnership, there is hope for improved relationships within and between the IGAD Member States across the borders, attainment of peace and stability through dialogue, increased cross border management and trade, more effective and transparent resource management, improved trade across borders, more incomes, and better standards of living for our communities.

Ms. Lamb too was optimistic about the partnership through the use of already tested approaches and support of governments there will be a greater impact and improvement of communities on a national, regional and global scale.

Mr. Mohamed Moussa – Director of Agriculture and Environment, IGAD signed on behalf of the Executive Secretary while Ms. Harriet Lamb – the Chief Executive Officer of International Alert signed for her organization in the presence of Mr. Lulsegged Abebe – Senior Adviser – AU, International Alert; Mr. El Sadiq Abdalla – Director of Economic and Social Development and  Mr. Joseph Rwanshote – Program Manager, Trade, Industry and Tourism at IGAD.

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