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Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)-Individual Consultant  


Event Manager to Support in Organisation and Coordination of a Development Partners Roundtable Conference


Through financing from AfDB, IGAD Secretariat has developed the IGAD Regional Infrastructure Master Plan (IRIMP) to help improve infrastructure in the region. The IRIMP focuses on interconnectivity in transport, energy, ICT, and transboundary water resources management.  Enhanced interconnectivity in transport, energy, ICT, and water resources is expected to contribute to enhanced trade and poverty alleviation within the region while contributing to its peace and security.  The IRIMP has identified vital infrastructure that needs to be developed in the short, medium and long term (up to 2050).

The IRIMP project is based on the need to harmonise and promote regional integration. Regional integration has been part of Africa strategy for economic transformation, and the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), including IGAD, are the building blocks that will enhance continental integration. The IRIMP will lead to unlocking opportunities across the region, resulting in tangible investments. The physical implementation of the projects will reduce transport and transit times and, thus, improve the competitiveness of partner countries in regional and international trade. Regional connectivity will be enhanced, and socio-economic cooperation and development in the IGAD region improved.

The key aims of prioritising the development of infrastructure in the IGAD region, among other things, include:

  • Providing infrastructure support for regional integration within the context of the regional economic integration agenda; and
  • Provision of infrastructure to maximise economic development and attain SDGs targets, and reduce poverty. Provision of infrastructure includes enhanced universal access to water supply and sanitation, dependable transport, secure energy sources, communications, and ICT.

The IGAD Member States in 2009 adopted a Minimum Integration Plan to accelerate regional economic cooperation and integration. Increased cooperation and investment in key regional infrastructure projects are important aspects of that plan. To this end, the development of regional interconnectivity among the countries of the IGAD region is actively supported by the IGAD Member States and development partners, with the AfDB playing a leading role.

Mobilising funds to implement IRIMP is crucial in ensuring that the identified priority projects are developed to support the region’s sustainable development. The African Development Bank (AfDB) has assisted IGAD in preparing the IRIMP, and together with other development partners, is expected to support the development of the identified priority projects.  It is hoped that this conference, building on the successes and lessons learnt from similar conferences organised by sister organisations, could help mobilise enough resources to develop the identified crucial priority regional infrastructure projects.

The hallmark of the proposed conference is its regional focus to secure support for regional infrastructure to promote economic development and integration.

The specific objectives are and not limited to:

  1. Cement the political commitment of the IGAD Member States to the development of infrastructure in the region

The conference will be a unique event where large national and multinational enterprises will participate. The event will be the first such event where special attention is given to the roles that the development partners, private sector and regional political leadership can play in providing transboundary infrastructure.

  1. Introduce IGAD’s nascent role in the promotion of regional infrastructure

This will be a major infrastructure conference under the IGAD. In this regard, special emphasis will be placed on infrastructure’s role in intra-IGAD trade promotion and enhanced connectivity and business opportunities that originate from all the Member States of IGAD.

  1. To sensitise investments banks and other private sources of finance, transaction advisors, contractors and developing partners to key regional infrastructure projects which require financing and development in the IGAD region

The conference offers a perfect setting for the IGAD region to case-show its priority regional infrastructure projects in transport, ICT, energy and transboundary water resources, as well as opportunities in infrastructure services to the international donor community, development partners, infrastructure funds and other investment funds as well as leading institutional investors and the private sector infrastructure investors outside the region.

  1. To highlight and share knowledge on key sector issues and foster dialogue amongst project sponsors, the private sector and development partners

The development partner’s roundtable conference will provide a rare opportunity to discuss infrastructure development in the region. The conference, organised as a highly interactive “marketplace”, will be an unrivalled opportunity to exchange views and network amongst governments, development partners, investors and other stakeholders. Together with project sponsors and the Member States, policymakers will meet and interact through a series of meetings and many networking activities. Besides, sponsors will attend the strategic summit sessions led by the thought leaders in the infrastructure investments industry.


The IGAD Secretariat requires the services of an event manager with a track record in organizing corporate events.

The event manager will support in delivering a seamless, well-coordinated conference event, in preparation to and during the conference in close coordination with the IGAD Secretariat conference preparation team.

The conference will target a minimum of 100 participants in total, both local and international. It will include a variety of events, ranging from keynote addresses, breakout sessions, presentations, panel discussions, regional infrastructure development highlights and networking opportunities.


The objectives of the assignment are:

  • To organize and coordinate a 3-day conference in close coordination with the IGAD Secretariat team
  • To set up a suitable online platform/system and coordinate its use before, during and after the conference
  • To manage communication of the conference for targeted audiences in close
  • Coordination with the IGAD Secretariat team.
  • Every aspect of the conference, from brochures and website to audio-visual material and stage sets, should project professionalism and should reflect innovation, IT integration, and follow international best practices.
  • IGAD Secretariat will meet all the costs of the conference.
  • The event manager shall undertake the following tasks:


The following deliverables are expected from the service provider:

  • Integrated IT solution for a 3-day development partners roundtable conference, including a virtual arrangement that can preferably work on both web-based and mobile platforms
  • An agreed conference outline or agenda
  • List of confirmed participants – including speakers, moderators, entrepreneurs, investors, etc.
  • A detailed media plan for increased visibility before, during and after the event
  • Documentation of media coverage
  • Official records/report for the full conference including for various sessions conducted
  • A post-event report detailing the number and type of participants, what worked well and what did not, a summary of the feedback received from participants, and recommendations for future events.


The assignment will be for (20) twenty-working days.


  • A minimum of MSc in social development studies or any related flied.
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in  organizing  and coordinating investment conferences with an international audience and also encompassing virtual events
  • Proven experience in organizing, coordinating and managing corporate seminars, summits and fora.
  • Excellent drafting and reporting skills; communication and negotiating skills; and planning and organizational skills;

Applicants should send via email

  • A cover letter specifying their professional qualifications in relation to this Expression of interest
  • CV (not more than 4 pages).


IGAD Secretariat now invites eligible Consulting firms with the requisite experience to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultant must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services. The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment can be found to this announcement.


The consultants should submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to: with Copies to zacharia.kingori@igad.intnot later than Thursday 16th September 2021 at 23:59 Hrs. EAT (GMT+3). Please note that only shortlisted firms will be notified.

Procurement Unit

Administration and Finance

IGAD Secretariat

Avenue Georges Clemenceau


P.O. Box 2653,

Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti


Download the ToR in ODF below

ToR – Development Partners Roundtable Investment_Conference_organisation coordination1-1

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