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Mr Leo Mwebembezi briefing media about the Integrated Water Management Course during a break at Esalla Country Hotel in Kiira, Uganda

Kiira County Town (Uganda), 09-03-2015 – This morning at Kiira County Town in Uganda, IGAD Inland Water Resources Management Programme (INWRMP) and the Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda kick-started a five-day Training Course on Integrated Water Resources Management for NGOs involved in the implementation of water and sanitation projects in the country of Uganda.

Ugandan NGOs active in the sector of water such as urban water, rural water, and water catchment projects and programmes are invited to share experience and best practices while being exposed and trained in water management.

Mr Leo Mwebembezi, Assistant Commissioner at the Directorate of Water Resources Management-Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda, welcomed the participants to the workshop and also thanked media professionals present at the opening ceremony for showing interest in the subject matter.

He then gave a brief presentation of how IGAD water programme relates to the regions’ water management sectors. He narrowed his presentation to the working relationship the Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda has had with the INWRMP since the inception of the Programme.

Facilitators will apply various participatory methodologies depending on the module; these include lessons learned from country case studies, expert views, and sharing experiences. Participants will be organized into work groups to discuss specific aspects based on the training content, and then they will present their content during plenary sessions.

During this five-day training session the present situation in integrated water management will be assessed, a water management strategy identified, the best way to move forward indicated, and a planning for implementation laid out.

Similar training workshops are scheduled for the member countries of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan during this month of March 2015.

INWRMP is an IGAD Programme funded by the European Union.

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