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Towards a Common Position on increased inclusion, participation and representation in Peace Processes and Peacebuilding

15-17 March 2020 (Juba, South Sudan) The IGAD Mediation Support Unit convened a Strategic Thinking Workshop for Women from South Kordofon Regions of Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains with the aim of providing a platform for the women from various sectors, to dialogue and generate a common position towards an agenda for increased inclusion, participation and representation in the various spheres of sustainability and more importantly, in nation-building.

The participants are drawn from SPLM controlled zones. Additionally, the strategic thinking workshop is held at a time when the Sudan Government has initiated talks among various political parties with the aim of addressing issues of development, peace and security in the Sudan.

The workshop is expected to create a platform for the women to dialogue and come up with a joint action plan on ways to execute conflict prevention, mediation and negotiation skills at grassroots levels, political parties, and CSOs.

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