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03-03-2018, Djibouti (Djibouti): A Results-Based Project Management (RBM) training was completed in Tadjourah (Djibouti) on February 28th for the Focal Points of the various national institutions under the Djibouti Arid Lands Project, facilitated by the Authority. Intergovernmental Development Authority (IGAD) in terms of technical assistance, and funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

This 3-day training was conducted by the Program Manager of Natural Resources and Renewable Energies of IGAD, Mr. Daher Elmi, and was addressed to the Focal Points of the Arid Lands Project implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of Djibouti in the localities of Khor Angar for the fishing community, and Dasbiyo for the pastoral community.

The purpose of the training was to strengthen the project management capacities of the Focal Points by building on the experience gained, and in particular by taking as an immediate example and concrete implementation scheme the ongoing Djibouti Arid Lands Project.

It was also aimed at providing a synthesized and schematic approach to the different phases of project identification, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation while insisting on a necessary link with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The trainees were provided with tools for each phase in order to focus on achieving achievable and quantifiable results. “The approach we took is the practical aspect of the Results-Based Management (RBM) exercise in order to arm the trainees with the immediate tools necessary to the outcome of the training. And the god thing is that we embarked on the execution of a Project that we took as an example,” said Daher Elmi.

It was with great enthusiasm and active participation, interspersed with group work, that all the sessions took place. The trainees have shown varied experiences in the field of project management. This allowed for an exchange of information on best practices in the field of project management and in the context of the Arid Lands Project more precisely.

The training workshop ended with the feeling of a need to deepen the study of the Monitoring and Evaluation phase. IGAD is committed to seeking opportunities to respond to this request.

Nevertheless, another training facilitated by IGAD and focused on the Geographic Information Systems for the same Focal Points just started this Saturday, March 3 at Arta, Djibouti.

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