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IGAD is shocked beyond words to learn of the murder of thirty Ethiopian Christians by the sword and firing squad in Libya on Sunday the 19th of April, 2015 which was carried out by the blood thirsty Libyan arm of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIL who have proved themselves to be champions of cruelty and cowardice. IGAD condemns this unspeakable crime with the strongest words possible.

No religion, least of all Islam, the religion of kindness, mercy and charity accepts what the ISIL did to the poor Ethiopian migrants in Libya who did no wrong to deserve the loss of their young lives to the sword and the bullet. In the video released by the Libyan arm of ISIL themselves, they have openly declared that the Ethiopians were punished for belonging to another religion proving that those murderers have no place in Islam or the modern world.

IGAD shares the pain and sorrow of the Ethiopian people, their Government and the families of those unfortunate young people who perished in the hands of the despicable ISIL and offers its heartfelt condolences.

The ISIL should be aware that the formidable force of all peace loving people throughout the world stands united against them and in sympathy with their victims.

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