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IGAD Promoting Peace & Stability of Africa Region

By June 26, 2019June 18th, 2021No Comments

June 26,20119 (Mombasa, Kenya): The Mediation Support Unit has concluded a two-day consultative workshop, in Mombasa, Kenya. The Unit convened legal and technical experts from the IGAD region to discuss and develop mechanisms for establishing an IGAD Roster of Technical Experts to assist IGAD in its conflict prevention, management and resolution efforts.

It is recalled that this initiative was recommended by the IGAD Committee of Ambassadors as one of the key components to achieving sustainable peace in the region. Therefore, this endeavour comes at a time when the region is experiencing, political and social reforms, as well as a time when great strides have been made towards achieving peace, stability and reconciliation.  

It is observed that the IGAD Member States undertake a range of interventions including preventative diplomacy, crisis management, and conflict prevention as well as contribute to post-conflict recovery and development processes. Considering this growing role of the member States in conflict prevention, management and resolution, there is need to concert effort to enhance and strengthen the capacity of the region in the area of preventive diplomacy and mediation.

Following the two days of consultations, MSU with the guidance of experts from the member states, has developed a rostering criteria, recruiting procedures, remuneration guidelines and deployment procedures for a pool of technical experts who shall be expected to support the already existing IGAD Roster of Mediators as well as fulfil relevant missions when need be.




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