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The IGAD region has a wealth of knowledge and experiences on land governance. However, documentation and dissemination of the region’s experiences is limited. The IGAD Land Governance Project with support from UNECA and the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation SDC is launching an e-based knowledge management platform – The IGAD Land governance Portal to meet this need.

The IGAD Land Governance Portal serves as a knowledge platform for sharing and learning together and building communities of practice that will find durable solutions to emerging land issues in the IGAD Region.  It is to be used by governments, academia, civil society, the private sector, development partners and all those seeking to understand and engage in land governance in the IGAD region. Particularly the IGAD Land Governance Portal will –

  • Provide information on the IGAD Land Governance Project work in the region
  • Provide information on the implementation of projects and promotion of learning and exchange of experiences
  • Provide an online resource for the Member States, research institutions, universities, civil society organizations, development partners and any interested party to become better acquainted with health issues, policies, legal framework, studies etc.
  • Act as a platform for interaction and receiving feedback from key stakeholders on the knowledge products generated over the life of the project with linkage to IGAD Information Portal and Social Media platforms.

You are all welcome to visit and use the portal at

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