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The Executive Secretary

IGAD Executive Secretary Hails the Lifting of U.S. Embargo on Sudan

By October 9, 2017No Comments

08-10-2016, Djibouti: The Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), H.E. Amb (Eng.) Mahboub Maalim has hailed the lifting of the trade and economic sanctions that the United States had weighed on the Republic of Sudan the last couple of decades.

“It is to be noted that the sanctions imposed by the United States of America to Sudan have caused much hindrance to the economic, political and diplomatic functions of this great country”.

On his own behalf and that of IGAD, Amb Mahboub congratulated the government and people of Sudan for their perseverance, optimism and diplomatic skills, despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges that they faced during those tough long years of sanctions.

“I also commend the US for a wise decision that will positively impact, not only the economy of the Republic of Sudan, but also of its neighbouring countries and of the IGAD region as a whole”.

He further called upon the Government of the USA to consider removing Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism. As a Regional Economic Community for the Greater Horn of Africa, IGAD will continue to support all possible efforts to have Sudan considered and dealt with as a respectable member of community of nations.

“IGAD is confident that Sudan will make use of this opportunity to relentlessly pursue its economic and social progress”, he concluded. ###

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