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The Executive Secretary

End of Year Message from the Executive Secretary

By December 31, 2016No Comments

To my Colleagues from Member States, Partners, and IGAD family:

Before the year ends, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to your commitment and selfless service to IGAD and its Member States that has been a home to over 214 million people.

I am very proud of all of you. You have done such an excellent job. Without your dedication and compassion, IGAD wouldn’t have made it this far. Through your efforts, more exciting opportunities await us.

Let me also take this opportunity to acknowledge the unwavering support of our Member States to our organisation. Without your political will, the integration agenda would not have been realised.

Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge our development partners for their steady support and contributions. Your presence is definitely appreciated.

This year has definitely had its challenges but through unity, we have persevered. As we move towards 2017, let us work harder so that we may achieve our goals. Let us stand together and face tomorrow with our heads up high. With resilience and humility, we can achieve the mandate that was entrusted unto us by the founding fathers of IGAD – Peace, Prosperity and Regional Integration.

May the following year bring us more blessings. May we find peace and prosperity in our region and the rest world.

Happy New Year!


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