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ArcGIS Online Application developments and Customization

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TOR for CEWARN ArcGIS Online Application developments and Customization


“CEWARN”, is the Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) member states established in 2002 by Protocol of the 9th

meeting in Khartoum, to collect and utilize early warning information to prevent violent conflict in its member states. After more than a decade of its operationalization, the Committee of Permanent Secretaries meeting (CPS) that sat in 2012 charged the mechanism with the responsibility of developing and implementing a strategy that would see the mechanism expand its geographic and thematic scope in the region.

One of the broad objectives of this strategy seeks to “Expand/widen Monitoring and Mapping of Conflict and Violence systems,” which includes the establishment of a CEWARN GIS to support the collection, analysis and dissemination of early warning and early response information.

The Consultancy

In contributing to the realization of the above objective, CEWARN is setting up a GIS unit that is so far equipped with ArcGIS desktop license, ENVI remote sensing software and subscribed for ArcGIS online for Organizations with 5 user accounts.

In order to roll out and maximize the consumption of these resources, the CEWARN GIS unit is desirous to customize its ArcGIS Organizational account to suit the needs and demands of the operations of the mechanism that will see 4 accounts managed by 4 independent users from the different member states and 1 account managed by the mechanism secretariat for administration and for regional content.



The main objectives of the consultancy are, but not limited to;

Configure and develop a simple map viewer that will host all the published maps and applications from the five user accounts.

Configure the ArcGIS Online site to fit the look and feel of CEWARN by adding organization logo, banner, create map galleries and determine sharing and security settings.

Develop a presentations template and protocol that will help the users easily develop presentations from map information.

Design and develop mobile mapping application that will allow representatives in the member states to collect data in both connected and offline mode using smartphones and tablets that run on iOS, Android or Windows.

Develop a protocol that can enable the ArcGIS online account to automatically interact with social media and map “parsed” data.

Develop and configure an operations dashboard to monitor and track events and

access status and performance of the organization’s daily operations.


The consultant developer will be required to deliver the following:

1. A well designed and configured ArcGIS Online site to fit the look and feel of the organization with specific map sharing templates.

2. Mobile application to be used for field data collection in both connected and disconnected (offline) environment.

3. A customized web application that enables the display of geo-located content from Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter. Results to be displayed as points, clusters, or heat in real-time.

4. A tailored operations dashboard that will allow the administrator to monitor and track events in near real time.

5. A web application that will have capabilities such as search, queries, print, navigation and custom reports.

6. Simple user manuals for all the configurations and applications developed.

7. Include other visual displays that will be useful in the context of early warning and response.


Participating companies/individuals should be of the following minimum caliber;

1. Have expert knowledge and evidence of working with Esri products for 5 years.

2. Must have Esri Certification, at least ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification.

3. Have experience of carrying out similar task.

4. Have expert knowledge and experience in JavaScript Application Programming Interface.


1. Interested companies/individuals are requested to submit their applications by way of

proposal and budget with the definite timeline of deliverables.

2. Applications should be sent to the following email addresses not later than the 18 of August 2015.

Applications addressed “ArcGIS Online Applications Development” should be sent


3. The successful company will be expected to start work on the deliverables by the 15th of February 2016.

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