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25-27July2022 (Nairobi, Kenya) IGAD Mediation Support Unit (MSU)/Mission to south Sudan organised a three-day training on resource mobilisation for NGOs/civil society organisations in the IGAD region who are actively involved in peacebuilding.

Much as Resource mobilisation (referred to as ‘New Business Development) might be all about  activities involved in securing new and additional resources for your organisation, it also involves making better use of and maximising, existing resources. The training aimed at building the capacity of civil society organisations in the IGAD region and equip them with the knowledge and skills to master resource mobilisation techniques for financing their development projects.

These engagement areas are embedded in MSU’s mandate which emanates from IGAD’s broader vision to deal with peace and security issues. The need for collective security due to the perceived and imminent threats, spillover effects of conflicts, cross-border organised crime, and effects of violent extremism and other similar challenges requiring strong cooperation, and collective actions are clearly identified in IGAD’s various instruments. Dr. Aleu Garang the MSU director and head of mission to South Sudan during his opening speech encouraged women to join these CSOs and empower others.

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are voluntary non-state institutions are organised operate on non-profit basis. They are formed and led by the citizens to champion their collective or common interests and concerns of the members, specific target groups or the general public. Civil Society Organisations, peacemakers and peace practitioners are often at the forefront of preventing the outbreak of violent conflicts through ongoing peace work, facilitating dialogue at the community-level, and providing humanitarian response. They are embedded socially on varying degrees, and they have a catalyst, intermediary role integrating their beneficiaries into broader social movement. They are an essential building block of development and national cohesion. Civil society organisations thus provides a room for discussion of critical issues that are of concern to people, thereby linking them together, and creating shared values.

Given their paramount in peacebuilding and development in the region, it is essential to equip these organisations with necessary skills that ensure their financial sustainability. For sustainable and effective implementation of project interventions, it is essential that organisations have the capacity to design, write and deliver high quality project proposals and reports.

The courses were delivered by a trainer/expert who has vast experience as expert/professional in the respective fields of practice. Sessions were delivered through a mix of power point presentations, practical activities, theory, group works and case studies. Participants discussed how to pursued donors to give them grands, what it takes to convince a donor, how to prepare a proposal what to consider when starting up an organisation etc. By the end of day three, participants where sure of what they were doing wrong, They got tips on to how they can be sufficient resource mobilisers for their organisations.

Appreciation goes to IGAD Mediation Support Unit (MSU)/ Mission to South Sudan for organising the training with financial support from the European Union through the EUTF managed by the Austrian Development Agency (Implementing Partner) under the IPPSHAR Programme.


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