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March 14-16, 2021 (Khartoum, Sudan): A training workshop on Monitoring of agreements for women and youth of Sudan that is organized by the Peace and Security Division in collaboration with the IGAD Gender Unit has started taking place on 14th march 2021. Amb. Osman Bilal, the IGAD Head of Mission in Sudan, has officially opened this training workshop on behalf of the Executive Secretary of IGAD and The Director of IGAD Peace and Security Division. Ms Sulaima Elkhalifa representing the Sudan IWPSF members has also made remarks.

The Overall objective of this training is to build a community based monitoring process of the signed peace agreements and the potential peace agreements to reach with in the country in the future. The workshop is taking place in Khartoum, Sudan from 14-16 March, 2021. It has brought together participants from South Sudan as well to share their experience in monitoring of agreements with their Sudanese peers. During their three days training workshop, issues related to Peace monitoring in the CPA, other current issues in Sudan related to Peace agreements and Women and youth engagement in monitoring of Agreements will be discussed.

The workshop is organized through the support of the European Union(EU)‘s  IGAD Promoting Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa Region (IPPSHAR) Programme. The main objective of the EU -IPPSHAR programme is to contribute to achieving peace, security and stability for the attainment of economic integration and development of the IGAD region.

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