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March 6, 2023 (DJIBOUTI, Djibouti): The intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) opened the training workshop for IGAD staff on PxWeb for publishing statistical data and results on the Web, on 6 March 2023, in Djibouti.

The objective of the workshop focuses on building the capacity of relevant staff on PxWeb for publishing statistical data and results on the Web and builds on the progresses made during the past engagement with Statistics Sweden.

In her opening remarks, Madam Fathia Alwan, Director for Health and Social Development Division, IGAD, highlighted that Migration and displacement statistics form one of the IGAD Regional Strategy for Development of Statistics (IRSDS) domains.

“My vision is to see that we not only have a robust IGAD migration data portal in place which will be able to provide a real time and easily accessible data and statistics to all the stakeholders for their utilization, but also to cascade it further and have IGAD wide data portal and centralized statistical database.” She underlined.

The Director further emphasized that the training is essential for sustainability and a thorough understanding of the database and dissemination system so that IGAD experts can manage and maintain the system and publish results.

It is stated on the occasion that the technical experts from Statistics Sweden and Statistics Finland conduct the training workshop for IGAD staff on the PxWeb. IGAD has now installed the Nordic dissemination platform PxWeb for publishing statistical data and results on the Web.

The IGAD partners, GIZ and Statistics Sweden provided the financial and technical supports for the capacity-building workshop on management and dissemination of migration data using the Px Web platform.

It is known that the IGAD region is characterized by large migratory movements driven by multiple factors, with high numbers of migrants, refugees and other forcibly displaced populations.

The participants of the  four-day workshop  drawn from the IGAD  technical staff involved in M&E, knowledge management & learning, GIS, IT, databases, communication and statistics.

At the end of this workshop, the Technical staff equipped with skills in the PxWeb database and dissemination system, as well as, the Way forward on the management of migration data dissemination platform.

It is to be recalled that in November 2021, in which Statistics Sweden (SCB) – and IGAD experts jointly assessed the existing and planned technical set-up and needs in terms of functionality of a database and portal as well as capacity development needs.

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