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06-03-2018 ,Nairobi (Kenya): The IGAD health team met in Nairobi with the RAD consortium partner (Broad reach) in Nairobi from the 4th through to the 6th to review progress on the RAD activities and to plan for the remaining two quarters of the year to ensure the success of the Initiative.

The meeting was also used as an opportunity to capacity build the Health team on USAID Financial rules and regulations.

The Health team with Broad reach discussed namely;

  • Review of the annual work plan
  • Drew up a management tool for the remaining two quarters for efficiency
  • Discussed the launch of the RAD solution which was showcased in Addis.
  • Under went USAID financial rules and regulations training.

This meeting shows the commitment IGAD has to innovative solutions that would help the region in dealing with disease burden and access to tangible correct data for decision making.

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