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Ugandan Flag(Kampala, 16 September 2008) Eng. Mahboub Maalim, the Executive Secretary today held talks with the Hon. Minister Syda Bumba, Minister of Gender, Labor  and Social Development at her office. Eng. Mahboub thanked the Uganda government for agreeing to receive his delegation, and also for having supported his candidature for the Executive Secretary post. He briefed the minister on the revitalization of IGAD, the drawing up of a minimum integration plan that are underway at the Secretariat. He assured the Minister that gender programmes are fully integrated in the IGAD development strategy.

Hon. Bumba welcomed the Executive Secretary and his delegation to Uganda. She assured the Executive Secretary that the government of Uganda was looking forward to working with him to build a strong IGAD. She was happy to note that gender is part and parcel of IGAD programmes.

In addition, Eng. Mahboub held talks with Hon. Eng. Hilary O. Onek, Minister of Agriculture, Animal industry and Fisheries. He briefed the Minister on IGAD’s planned revitalization programme, resource mobilization plan, food security programme and the minimum integration action plan. He also asked the Minister to convey his greetings and thanks to the President of Uganda. Hon. Onek thanked Eng. Mahboub for coming to Uganda and assured him of Uganda’s continued support for IGAD and its programmes.

During his three day visit to Uganda, Eng. Mahboub will also have meetings with officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Finance, Plannig and Economic Development; and Uganda Aids Commission, among others.

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