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In the past few weeks large areas of Sudan, 16 out of 18 of the States in the Republic of Sudan, has experienced the worst floods seen in more than 100 years. According to the report from the Government of Sudan more than 500,000 people have been affected by the floods, over 100 persons lost their lives, and about 100,000 houses have been destroyed or damaged rendering many families homeless.

The Government of the Republic of Sudan has declared a three month state of emergency due to the extensive floods. There is a high probability that the flood conditions will get worse in the coming weeks because of the expected heavy rains. The government of Sudan has appealed to the international community for immediate response to mitigate the effects of the unfolding flood disasters. In view of the seriousness and the magnitude of the effects of the flood disaster, the international community is called upon to respond speedily.

Given the extent of the prevailing flood disaster and the unprecedented wet conditions expected to continue thought the northern parts of the IGAD the region, the capacity of the Government of Sudan has been severally limited to cope with the immediate humanitarian needs. I, therefore, on behalf of IGAD urge partner Governments, humanitarian agencies, international and regional organizations to respond promptly to the appeal made by the Government of The Republic of Sudan.

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