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8-10th September, 2021 (Adama, Ethiopia): Increased frequency of droughts, floods and other climate-related disasters have eroded the livelihoods of communities in IGAD cluster III (Mandera ecosystem of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia). It has subjected pastoralists to frequent movement with their livestock in search of pasture and water, contributed to chronic food insecurity, protracted competition and conflicts over livestock and access to natural resources and unwarranted loss of human life.  IDDRSI PCU in collaboration with ICPALD, planned a multi stakeholder platform meeting to share innovations and technologies along the livestock value chains.  The two days’ workshop followed by field visit to Luna export slaughterhouse was opened by H.E. Dr. Fikru Regassa, State Minister of Livestock, MoA, republic of Ethiopia. He reminded participants of the importance of livestock in the Somali Ecosystem, hence the need to scale up and out the available innovations and technologies to support commercial production and increased productivity. Forty-four (44) participants attended the meeting from representative farmer/pastoralist groups, technical experts from Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, VSF-G, GEWDO, IGAD secretariat and ICPALD. The meeting made the following recommendations:

  1. Strengthen harmonized cross border disease management; surveillance, vaccination and reporting and support capacity building of all stakeholders through awareness campaigns on existing bilateral and multi-lateral MoUs on disease management and transhumance.
  2. Strengthen peace building mechanisms from national governments, sub regional and communities indigenous methods to promote cross border trade.
  3. Strengthen information sharing mechanisms related to animal health, trade, peace.
  4. Explore options to incentivize private sector to invest in livestock value chain and promote self-regulation.
  5. Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia should roll out the Livestock Identification and Traceability System in order to build trust and sustain their vibrant export opportunities. IGAD will support through coordination.
  6. Strengthen close collaboration and working modalities with all development partners (VSF G, FAO, UNDP, GEWDO etc) to build synergy to undertake intervention within the cluster along the livestock value chain.
  7. Strengthen capacity building in terms of value addition (common market facility, incubation centers, cottage industries, access to finance and linkage to markets).
  8. Strengthen compliance with SPS requirements as per importing markets demands


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