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The seconnd TAC and PSC meeting of the IGAD Biodiversity programme was organized at Sheraton Hotel in Djibouti between 24 and 26 February 2014. The TAC advises the PSC on technical and policy issues in the implementation of the programme while the PSC takes appropriate decisions on the overall policy and direction in the implementation of the programme. The programme is supported by the EU to a tune of 14 million Euros and aims to improve the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity resources in the Horn of Africa to contribute to the improvement of the livelihoods of the population of the region. This would be achieved by addressing policy gaps, policy harmonization, information generation and dissemination and institutional capacity building showcased in 3 cross-border pilot ecosystems, namely in the Boma-Gambella landscape, the Tana-Kipini-Laga Badana Bushs Bush and the Lower Awash – Lake Abbe Land and Seascapes.

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