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POEM: Resilience of Women in the IGAD Region

On the 8th of March, as we celebrate,
To mark the Women’s Day, a special date,
This poem is dedicated to you,
To honour the strength and grace you radiate

For the women who rise with the morning sun,
With dreams and aspirations, never undone,
Your spirit shines bright, like a guiding star,
In every endeavour, you’ve come so far.

In fields and offices, you make your mark,
Breaking barriers, igniting a spark,
Your resilience knows no bounds or measure,
In every challenge, you find hidden treasure.

With compassion as your guiding light,
You nurture, heal, and make things right,
As mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends,
Your love and support, it never ends.

In classrooms, you thirst for knowledge’s gain,
Seeking wisdom, breaking every chain,
Your intellect and curiosity inspire,
As you reach for the stars, aiming higher.

In boardrooms, your voices resound,
Leadership and expertise, you astound,
With determination and courage so true,
You pave the way for a future anew.

On this Women’s Day, we stand in awe,
Of the strength and resilience that you draw,
You’ve faced adversity with unwavering might,
Transforming challenges into beams of light.

So, to the women of the world so grand,
This poem is dedicated, hand in hand,
May your spirits forever soar and rise,
For you are the heroes in our eyes.

On the 8th of March, as we celebrate,
To mark the Women’s Day, a special date,
This poem is dedicated for you,
For the remarkable women, strong and true.

Dedicated to the resilient women of the IGAD region,
Whose strength and courage inspire and enliven,
Through trials and triumphs, they persevere,
Their resilience, a beacon shining clear.

To the women farmers, nurturing the land,
To the traders, forging paths so grand,
To the rangers, guardians of nature’s grace,
To the artists, creating beauty in every space.

To the peacemakers, bridging divides,
To the refugees, rebuilding their lives,
To the nurturers, weaving love and care,
To the leaders, breaking barriers with flair.

To the fighters for justice, equality, and peace,
To the voices that won’t cease,
To the seekers of knowledge, breaking chains,
To the entrepreneurs, embracing new domains.

To the mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends,
Whose resilience knows no ends,
We celebrate your strength, your unwavering might,
In the IGAD region, your future shines bright.

This dedication is a tribute to your spirit,
Your resilience, a force that uplifts and uplifts,
May your stories continue to inspire and ignite,
In the IGAD region, your resilience takes flight.

In the land where the sun shines bright,
In the IGAD region, a wondrous sight,
There dwell women of strength and grace,
Whose resilience we now embrace.

On this Women’s Day, let us celebrate,
Their spirits unyielding, their hearts innate,
Through trials and tribulations they persist,
Their courage and determination we can’t resist.

From Djibouti to Ethiopia’s highland plains,
From Eritrea’s shores to Sudan’s terrains,
From Kenya’s savannahs to Somalia’s coasts,
These women’s resilience echoes the most.

In Ethiopia’s highlands, where coffee beans grow,
Women farmers work tirelessly, row by row.
They tend to the crops with unwavering care,
Their resilience brings sustenance beyond compare.

Ethiopia’s women, nurturers of the land,
In rural communities, their strength expands.
They till the soil, they sow the seeds,
Their resilience, a source of sustenance that exceeds.

In Djibouti’s bustling streets and busy ports,
Women traders engage in commerce of all sorts.
With determination, they negotiate and sell,
Their resilience fuels economic growth so well.

Djibouti’s women, guardians of the sea,
Fishers and divers, embracing the maritime plea.
They navigate the waters, preserving marine life,
Their resilience, a beacon in the depths so rife.

In Eritrea’s landscapes, where strength is revered,
Women break barriers, their voices heard.
They challenge traditions, paving the way,
Their resilience empowers a brighter day.

Eritrea’s women, artists of life,
Through creativity, they transcend strife.
With colours and melodies, they heal and inspire,
Their resilience, a masterpiece that never tires.

Sudan’s women, fierce and bold,
In the face of adversity, they unfold.
They fight for justice, equality, and peace,
Their resilience brings hope, never to cease.

Sudan’s women, catalysts of progress,
From education to healthcare, they address.
Challenging norms, they pave the way,
Their resilience, an unstoppable ray.

In Kenya’s savannahs, where wildlife roams free,
Women rangers protect with unwavering glee.
They guard the fauna, preserving nature’s grace,
Their resilience safeguards this precious space.

Kenya’s women, leaders in their own right,
Breaking barriers and shining with might.
From politics to business, they make their mark,
Their resilience, a catalyst for a more inclusive spark.

Somalia’s women, resilient through strife,
They rebuild their communities, breathing life.
With resilience as their guiding light,
They bring hope and healing, day and night.

Somalia’s women, fighters for change,
In the face of adversity, they rearrange.
They reclaim their voices, they break free,
Their resilience, a testament to their fierce decree

In South Sudan, where conflicts have raged,
Women emerge as peacemakers, undeterred and engaged.
They bring communities together, healing wounds,
Their resilience breaks barriers, fostering harmony that astounds.

Uganda’s women, warriors of hope,
In refugee settlements, they tirelessly cope.
They rebuild their lives, creating new beginnings,
Their resilience shines through, igniting brighter innings.

Women, they rise in the face of adversity’s might,
Their dreams and aspirations take flight,
They break the shackles that hold them tight,
Their voices resound with unwavering might.

In the fields, they toil with unwearied hands,
Tending to crops and cultivating lands,
Nurturing families with love and care,
Their resilience a testament, beyond compare.

In homes, they nurture and heal,
Their love and compassion, a sacred seal,
As mothers, sisters, and daughters they stand,
Their resilience, a bond, a united band.

In the IGAD region, their stories intertwine,
Women’s resilience, a beacon that will shine.
Their strength, their courage, an unwavering flame,
Guiding the future with resilience as their name.

In the IGAD region, women’s resilience runs deep,
Stories of triumph and perseverance to keep.
Let’s delve into their lives, their journeys untold,
Their strength, their struggles, their victories unfold.

So, on this Women’s Day, let us raise our voice,
In honour of these women, let us rejoice,
Their resilience, a beacon, a guiding light,
In the IGAD region, shining ever so bright.

Poem written by:
Muktar Abdi Hussein
M&E Officer
IGAD Support Platform
Health and Social Division
Presented on
8th March 2024-IGAD Migration and Forced Displacement Planning Workshop
Djibouti City

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