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Venue: Kempinski Hotel, Djibouti
Time: 10.00 hours – 14:00 hours (East African Time/UTC+03:00)


June 7, 2023 (DJIBOUTI, Djibouti): IGAD will convene the 14th Ordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government in Djibouti city on the 12th of June 2023.

The schedule and agenda of the Summit will be posted in advance and invited journalists will be notified by e-mail on the updated details including the time of the press conference.

The open session will be livestreamed on our website, our IGAD Social Mediaplatforms @igadsecretariat (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter).

Summit Media accreditation inquiries and requests should be addressed to:


  1. Government of Djibouti: Ambassador Mohamed Moussa, Director of Communications, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Djibouti Email: Tel: +253 77 815 467
  2. Ibrahim Miyir Ali, Director of Communications, Ministry Communications in charge of Posts and Telecommunication, Republic of Djibouti Email: Tel: +253 21445618
  3. With c.c. to Mr Nuur Mohamud Sheekh, Spokesperson for the IGAD Executive Secretary, IGAD Secretariat, Djibouti Email: WhatsApp +254 716 401 575

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Download Media Advisory in PDF below

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