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Ms. Bessie Nyirenda

Ms. Bessie Nyirenda

The first IGAD Regional Portal Steering Committee Meeting was held from April 29 – 30, 2008 in Djibouti.

The Steering committee reviewed web portal prototypes under development, and discussed content and governance of a new regional portal.

The objective of steering committee meeting was to oversee the implementation and support the sustainability of the IGAD Regional Web Portal and to ensure that it is representative of the diversity of voices in the region. In a speech by the RICTSP Program Manager, Mr. Azhari Karim, said “IGAD’s charter emphasises promotion of regional trade and gradual harmonization of policies for removal of physical and no-physical barriers to interstate, transport and communication.” Ms Bessie Nyirenda, RICTSP coordinated has presented background of the project and emphasised the expected results.

The IGAD regional portal will be in operation in the year of 2010.


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