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June 15, 2022 (Nairobi, Kenya): The IGAD-Health Digitalization team met with their GIZ colleagues in Nairobi, Kenya from the 13th – 17th June to review progress on the IGAD-Health Digitalization activities and plan for the remaining two quarters of the year.

The IGAD health experts on digitalization will meet regularly over the coming year to implement their work plan in support of the IGAD digital health agenda. The workshop aims to achieve the following:

 Finalization of Work Plan on DIGITAL HEALTH in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Major Milestones in 2022 
  • Major Milestones for 2023
  • Detailed operational / timeline planning 2022 and 2023 for each of the EU-Kofi Digitalization components 
  • Detailed planning for HR & Admin costs 2022 
  • TOR Development for Policy Consultancy
  • Integration of the IGAD-SORMAS solution

This meeting shows the commitment IGAD has to innovative solutions that would help the region in dealing with disease burden and access to tangible correct data for decision-making.

IGAD strives to ensure its programs and projects are impact driven, and have societal reach for the benefit of its Member States. 

Acknowledgements: IGAD-Health Digitalization thanks the GIZ-EU for funding this activity and this project. 


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