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August 4, 2021 (ADAMA, Ethiopia): The Peace and Security Division of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is undertaking a second round of capacity building training sessions on post-conflict and peace building for officials and senior experts of different institutions of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with the objective to enhance and deepen their knowledge on peace and security related institutions governing these themes. The three-day training runs from 3-6 August in Adama town.

Hon. Siraj Fegessa, Director of IGAD Peace and Security Division (PSD), in his opening remarks highlighted that “countries in post conflict situations need to develop a comprehensive approach that focuses on community level engagement and strategic dialogue between the actors with varied interests”.

The IGAD Peace and Security Division has developed the IGAD Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development Policy Framework with the objective to support countries emerging out of such conflicts, or in a conflict situation in their efforts towards reconstruction and the rebuilding of state and its institutions. These include managing further disputes, preventing escalations, avoid relapse into violence, and address the root causes of conflict with efforts to consolidate sustainable peace, security and development.

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