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October 12-15, 2022 (ADAMA, Ethiopia): IGAD- Peace and Security Division kicks off a 4-day workshop on 12th October 2022, to build capacities for member states on Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development (PCRD).

The objective of the training is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the training participants on the main issues and components of post-conflict reconstruction and development. The training also aims at discussing the basic theories, elements, and best practices of post-conflict reconstruction and development issues.

In his opening remarks, the Director of Peace and Security Division Hon. Siraj Fegessa highlighted that the Peace and Security Division has developed the IGAD peace and security strategy (2021-2025) and is implementing it for the attainment of a peaceful, secure and stable region with the promotion of good governance, democracy, human rights, and Rule of law.

It is worth noting that IGAD Peace and Security Division has developed a post-conflict reconstruction and development Policy Framework. The policy framework defined a comprehensive set of measures that seek to address the needs of people emerging from conflict, prevent escalation of disputes, avoid a relapse into violence, address the root causes of conflict, and consolidate sustainable development, security and peace.

The participants of the training are drawn from the four member states either in or emerging out of Conflict; Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan. They include officials and senior experts of government and state institutions who are directly working on conflict management and peacebuilding. Civil society, women, and community leaders directly stake in conflict management and peacebuilding are also participating.

The aimed deliberations of the workshop are on the conceptual background of conflict, peace, peacebuilding, security, PCRD, an overview of AU and IGAD PCRD Frameworks, Human Rights, Transitional Justice and Reconciliation.

At the end of the workshop, it is expected that the regional best practices on post-conflict reconstruction and development would be discussed, as well as the participants’ Knowledge and skills on the basic issues of PCRD would be enhanced.

The training/workshop/seminar was conducted with financial support from the European Union Trust Fund (EUTF) through the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) under the IPPSHAR Program.


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