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July 6, 2023, (ADAMA, Ethiopia): The IGAD Peace and Security Division in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Peace, recently concluded a momentous workshop focused on the validation of the draft peace-building manual. With the overall objective of contributing to national efforts for achieving sustainable peace and stability in Ethiopia, this partnership aimed to develop a contextualized training manual tailored to the country’s unique peace-building process. The workshop marked an important milestone in this joint endeavour, bringing together experts and stakeholders to validate and enrich the training manual.

Building upon Existing Knowledge, the peace-building training manual was conceived with the aim of incorporating the various dimensions of the peacebuilding process in Ethiopia. By blending theoretical concepts with indigenous knowledge, both IGAD and the Ministry of Peace have taken significant strides in designing a document that is deeply rooted in the local context. This approach ensures that the manual resonates with the realities on the ground, effectively addressing the challenges and opportunities that arise in the pursuit of sustainable peace.

The workshop’s success is a testament to the closer collaboration between IGAD and member states’ institutions. Recognizing the Ministry of Peace as the most relevant institution for peace building in Ethiopia, IGAD has lent its expertise and support to enhance the nation’s peace efforts. This collaborative approach ensures that the activities undertaken by both organizations are aligned and complementary, maximizing their impact and fostering a coordinated approach to peacebuilding.

The development of the peace-building manual has been an inclusive process, characterized by the involvement of experts and stakeholders. From identifying experts to reviewing drafts and validations, both IGAD and the Ministry of Peace have led the way, actively engaging with individuals and organizations invested in sustainable peace. This participatory approach has enriched the manual, incorporating diverse perspectives and experiences to create a comprehensive resource for peacebuilders. The validation workshop served as a crucial platform for sharing the second draft of the peace-building manual with all stakeholders. By soliciting their comments and feedback, the workshop aimed to ensure that the final version truly represents the collective wisdom and aspirations of the Ethiopian peace-building community.

The completion of the peace-building manual signifies a significant step forward in Ethiopia’s pursuit of sustainable peace and stability. It will serve as a guiding light for peacebuilders, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the complexities of their work. Moreover, the Ministry of Peace has expressed its commitment to ensuring the manual’s accessibility by undertaking the responsibility of translating it into additional local languages, thereby extending its reach and impact.

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