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April 28, 2023 (HAWASA, Ethiopia): The IGAD Peace and Security Coordination Mechanism (PSCM) convenes to assess and recommend actions to further IGAD’s role in regional stability.

The PSCM is chaired by the IGAD Peace and Security Division Director and includes all Peace and Security Directors, Envoys, and Heads of Programs.

The two-day meeting is set to evaluate the efforts achieved during the February 2022 high-level retreat, exchange opinions on peace and security challenges, and discuss sector strategy implementation.

During the opening session, Hon. Siraj Fegesa, Director of the Peace and Security Division, highlighted the need for improved coordination, partnerships, communications, and visibility to boost collective peace efforts to advance regional stability.

“Although actions have been taken to implement previous recommendations, there are areas where additional reflections are required in addition to the one-year period since the systems’ creation requiring reviews and adjustments.” He went on to say.

The meeting’s objectives are as follows:

Review measures completed during the February 2022 high-level retreat, share perspectives on general peace and security concerns, and analyze the resource position for implementing the sector strategy and discussions to prepare for the partners meeting.

The PSCM will discuss the implementation of the sector strategy 2021-2025, assess the PSCM’s implementation plan and functionality, update the technical team, and reflect on the present regional peace and security situation.

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