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Executive Summary


The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is excited to announce the launch of its quarterly newsletter. This publication aims to highlight the activities and achievements of our various divisions, specialized institutions, and programs. It is designed to provide partners, the media, and the general public with a clear and comprehensive picture of our concrete actions and initiatives.

The newsletter serves as a window into the diverse and impactful work being carried out across the IGAD region. Each edition will feature detailed updates from our different sectors, showcasing how we are addressing key issues and driving development in the region. Readers will gain insights into the projects and programs that are making a real difference on the ground.

IGAD’s specialised institutions and programs play a crucial role in our mission. The newsletter will regularly spotlight these entities, providing an in-depth look at their objectives, activities, and accomplishments. By doing so, we aim to recognize their contributions and highlight how they complement and enhance our broader development goals.

Our newsletter is tailored for a wide audience, including partners, the media, and the general public. We believe that by sharing our successes and challenges transparently, we can foster greater understanding and collaboration. Partners can stay informed about our progress and explore opportunities for cooperation. The media will find reliable and detailed information for their reports, while the general public will gain a better understanding of IGAD’s role and impact in the region.

The newsletter covers a variety of topics, including detailed reports on ongoing and completed projects across various sectors, features on IGAD’s specialized institutions, their missions and their achievements, in-depth looks at specific programs, their objectives, and their impact on the ground, real-life examples of how IGAD’s work is improving lives and fostering development, articles and interviews with experts and stakeholders, providing deeper understanding and analysis of key issues, and previews of upcoming projects, initiatives, and events, keeping our audience informed about what to expect.

The IGAD quarterly newsletter is a vital tool in our communication strategy. By sharing detailed and engaging content, we aim to build a stronger connection with our audience, enhance transparency, and foster greater collaboration. We look forward to your engagement and feedback as we continue to highlight the significant work being done across the IGAD region. Stay tuned for our first edition and join us in celebrating the progress and achievements of IGAD.

Download the 1st Quarter of the News Letter from January – March, 2024

Download Here IGAD News Letter 1st Quarter


Read online the IGAD News Letter 1st Quarter from January – March

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