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March 24, 2022 (MOMBASA, Kenya): The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) today wrapped up a two-day Health Experts meeting in preparation for the ministerial level gathering of Ministers in charge of Health from its member countries.

The IGAD Head of Mission in Kenya, Dr Fatuma Aden, inaugurated the meeting along with Dr Abida Hakim, Director of the General Department for Planning and Policies at the Federal Ministry of Health of Sudan, and the Kenya guest of Honour, Dr Joseph Sitiene, Ag Head of the Directorate of Health Policy, Research, M&E at Kenya Ministry of Health.

In her opening remarks, Dr Fatuma, underscored that the Experts meeting was aimed “at reviewing the IGAD Regional Policies and Strategies, and IGAD Health Programmes recommendations that were discussed and passed in the 2021 Health Steering Committee Meetings” before these documents are submitted to the Ministerial level meeting for endorsement.

The Programmes include the implementation of the Nairobi Declaration on Health for Refugees, Returnees, and host communities and the Cross Border Health for Migrants.

The Ministers of Health will also be requested to endorse:

  • the recommendations for Health for Refugee, Returnees and Host Communities with its Plan of Action;
  • the recommendations by the IGAD-EU Regional COVID-19 Response Steering Committee;
  • the recommendations for the digitalisation of IGAD health data and the IGAD Digitalisation roadmap and support for regional diseases surveillance system;
  • the IGAD Regional cross border data sharing framework and the IGAD Regional cross border data sharing implementation strategy;
  • the IGAD-Global Fund Programme recommendations;
  • the IGAD Cross Border Health Policy (2021-2030);
  • IGAD Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition Advocacy Strategy (2020 – 2030); and
  • The IGAD Regional Knowledge Management Strategy for Health (2022-2026).

Once validated, the IGAD Regional Policies and Strategies for the various Regional Health Initiatives will complement the country level health agendas of IGAD Member States.

IGAD will then embark on preparing post ministerial meeting plan of action and a roadmap for advocacy and implementation.

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