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August 22, 2022 (Arta, Djibouti):  The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the Government of Djibouti, Ministry of education, convened a two-day Consultation meeting on Djibouti’s Costed National Education Response Plan for the Implementation of the Djibouti Declaration on Education for Refugees, Returnees and Host Communities.

On his welcome remarks, Speaking on behalf of the Executive Secretary of IGAD, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu and Mme. Fathia Alwan, Director for Health and Social Development, Dr. Kebede Kassa, IGAD Senior Program Coordinator of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, disclosed that IGAD has received the request from the government of Djibouti, Ministry of Education, to co-host a ministerial conference in December 2022 to address the issues school dropout rates in the region.

“The Djibouti Declaration has made Djibouti popular the world over. If you click Google you will see Djibouti appearing in hundreds of websites, academic publications, including by world renowned universities such as Oxford, Harvard and Addis Ababa Universities.” He added.

Furthermore, the senior program coordinator emphasised that IGAD and partners have been supporting the development and implementation of the Djibouti Declaration.   

“I want to encourage MOE and UNHCR to explore the World Bank study on costing on education in emergencies.” He stressed.

Finally, Dr. Kebede expressed his sincerely thanks to IGAD partners, notably the government of Germany through GIZ, ECW (Education Cannot Wait) UNHCR and others for providing needed financial and technical assistance.

On his opening remarks, president of the regional council of Arta, Republic of Djibouti, and Mr. Elmi Bouh explained that the Costed Plan is the basis for the implementation of the Djibouti Declaration on Education for refugees, returnees and host communities.

“The Ministry of Education is developing the Djibouti Costed National Education Response Plan and we have been implementing the Declaration since its adoption in 2017.”  President Elmi stated.

Deputy President of the regional council of Arta Mr. Fozi Ahmed also gave similar remarks.

The national consultations in Djibouti brought together partners and experts from IGAD and representatives of the Government of Djibouti.

IGAD has been working with closely relevant partners and stakeholders, including the Government of Germany through GIZ, UNHCR, UNESCO, UNICEF, ECW and the European Union to implement the various actions outlined in the Djibouti Declaration.

Budget for the various activities funded from the IGAD – GIZ/SIMPI Financing Agreement.

The IGAD & the government of Djibouti Ministry of Education started idea of developing the National Costed Education Response Plan for the Djibouti in 2021.

The IGAD Regional Qualifications Framework, which is needed to solve the problems related to certification and recognition, is progressing well. The Djibouti government is resolving the outstanding issue of examination and certification of refugee students who were taking the Kenyan Curriculum.

IGAD has been supporting member states to develop and implement costed plans for national education response plans towards the implementation of the Djibouti Declaration.


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