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27 May 2019 (Kampala) Uganda: The IGAD’s Mediation Support Unit (MSU) in its efforts to enhance the role and participation of women in the IGAD region and particularly from the Republic of South Sudan has organized a 3-day Training of Trainers workshop on Conflict Prevention and Mediation Processes in Kampala, Uganda.

 The Director of the Mediation Support Unit, Dr. Aleu Garang in his opening remarks gave an overview of the assessments that were undertaken in the Republic of South Sudan, Somalia and the Sudan in order to enhance the existing capacities and role of women in Conflict Prevention Management and Resolution (CPMR) under the framework of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, and the resolutions thereafter to their inclusion in peace processes.

 Dr. Garang emphasized that the ToT is to enhance capacities of women in conflict prevention and mediation in order to increase their representation and participation on peace and security agenda linking to protection and participation concerns.

 “The training is to create a network of trained women in peace building and mediation as a way through which key women from different fields represented can reach other women at all levels including at the community level hence strengthening the multiplier effect” Dr. Garang went on to mention.

 Some of the topics to be covered during the training are; Understanding of Conflict in the Region and South Sudan; Conflict Analysis and Its Relevance in Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation Processes; Conflict Response Spectrum; Approaches to Conflict, Conflict Resolution; Effective Negotiation and Mediation Strategies and Challenges to mention but a few.

 The MSU in partnership with the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) will also conduct trainings for women from Republic of Sudan and Federal Government of Somalia in order to address the gaps, findings and recommendations identified in the joint assessments.


 Some IGAD Member States in the Greater Horn of Africa such as Djibouti, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda have welcomed, developed and adopted National Action Plans for (NAPs) the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and 1820 and related decisions on empowering women’s role and participation in peace processes.

 IGAD has continued to engage in initiatives for women to be included in discussions and sensitize women to promote their participation in peace processes, especially in the implementation of the resolutions and other peace-building frameworks to attain reduced risks, vulnerability and impacts on women in conflict even though addressing issues of women has continued to face significant barriers such as lack of funding and coordination mechanisms.

 The workshop is financially supported under the European Union Trust Fund (EUTF) facilitated through the IPPSHAR Programme and technically supported by ACCORD.


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