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August 12, 2022 (Adama, Ethiopia):  The Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) conducted Knowledge Exchange and Learning Workshop to Enhance the Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (DRDIP) Phase Two Implementation in Ethiopia.

The objective of the three day workshop is to bring together Refugees Returnees Service (RRS) and DRDIP teams to provide learning and experience sharing platform for implementation for DRDIP phase II and follow up on the experience sharing visit conducted to Uganda, including, to build on the experience sharing visit to Uganda and putting lessons into actions for DRDIP II and to extend the learning by the DRDIP and RRS delegates to other DRDIP and RRS members who didn’t participate on the visit especially at the regional level.

Speaking on behalf of the Executive Secretary of IGAD, H.E. Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, the Director for Social Development of IGAD, Mme. Fathia Alwan, , welcomed the participants and lauded the efforts of  the organisers from Refugees Returnees Service( RRS), DRDIP PIU and IGAD DRDIP for the successful workshop and exchange for better implementation of DRDIP phase two in Ethiopia.

“I encourage DRDIP Ethiopia and RRS to consider the recommendations arising out this workshop and utilise the lessons learned from Phase One of the Project here in Ethiopia as well as from other countries such as Uganda in enhancing the implementation of DRDIP Phase Two. “She stressed.

Furthermore the Director emphasised that DRDIP implementation has greatly contributed to enhanced quality of life for refugee and their hosts through improved access to social services, restoration of the environment through sustainable natural resource management and fostering self-reliance by way of creating livelihood opportunities.

“IGAD is happy with the outcomes and recommendations of this knowledge exchange and learning workshop and ready to provide any further support to all stakeholders in Ethiopia for ensuring the success of the implementation of DRDIP phase two.”

Mme Fathia reminds that Ethiopia has been doing spectacular job in the implementation of DRDIP Phase one in all five refugee hosting regions of the country. DRDIP phase one in Ethiopia was and is one of the best in the region as well that touches millions in its interventions.

Representatives of Government of Ethiopia (MOA) as a host country, Director General of RRS and UNHCR are also gave their remarks.

The proposed project is the second phase of an ongoing operation benefiting Ethiopia and is part of a series of ongoing regional projects—also covering Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda.

DRDIP addresses the regional spillover effects of conflict and forced displacement. DRDIP supports a development response that helps refugee-hosting countries to overcome the negative impacts of forced displacement, while maximising the positive opportunities.

The workshop brought together, all national and regional key focal points for the DRDIP Ethiopia and RRS as well as key sectors working with DRDIP team and participants from UNHCR representatives from national and zonal levels who work closely with DRDIP and RRS, the project steering committee including key sectors at national level, technical support from government and IGAD RS staff attended.

The workshop is supported by the fund that available from the IGAD DRDIP.

The workshop resulted with the outcomes and recommendations of this knowledge exchange and learning workshop and ready to provide any further support to all stakeholders in Ethiopia for ensuring the success of the implementation of DRDIP phase two.

IGAD is happy how countries are committed to deliver durable solutions to refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. Initiatives, such as DRDIP, have immensely contributed to those solutions in Ethiopia.  Ethiopia Government has already taken positive steps by updating its policies and frameworks and having favorable progressive rights as indicated in the 2019 Proclamation.

Uganda as usual are pioneer of the favorable policies for refugees and in the implementation of DRDIP, their support and learning exchange to other countries create excellent working relationship and promote the culture of learning from each other in the region. Your continuous support and commitment to your fellow DRDIP Project in Ethiopia is extremely valued.

The first phase of DRDIP commenced in 2016, supporting Djibouti, Ethiopia and Uganda, with Kenya joining in 2017. Both projects include grants to the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) for regional coordination and learning as well as capacity building for Government of Somalia.

DRDIP is a government-led and community centric project focusing on the impact of the protracted presence of refugees on host communities


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