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12-13-2018: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: IGAD, with financial assistance from EU, to a tune of 14 million Euro, has been implementing a Regional Biodiversity Management Programme (BMP). The programme has 3 components, namely the regional policy development, the regional biodiversity database and information system and capacity development in biodiversity conservation. The third component was being implemented at three cross-border demonstration sites, namely the Lamu area between Kenya and Somalia, the Awash – Lake Abe area, between Ethiopia and Djibouti and the Boma-Gambella Parks area, between Ethiopia and South Sudan. With the support of the programme, IGAD has developed a regional Biodiversity Policy, a regional Biodiversity Protocol, and four other related strategies, namely, the IGAD Wildlife Management Strategy, the IGAD Invasive Species Control and Management Strategy, the IGAD Biodiversity Benefits Sharing Strategy and the IGAD Strategy on Domestication of regional Policies and Strategies. It has also supported member states to strengthen / establish national and regional biodiversity databases and information systems.

The Biodiversity Management Programme ended in May 2018 and based on the recommendation of the BMP Steering Committee, IGAD submitted a second phase of BMP to EU for their consideration and support. IGAD is pleased to inform you that the EU has approved 4.5m euros to support the implementation of the achievements of BMP.

There was therefore a need for Consultative Meeting to agree on:

  1. a)the priorities of the second phase of BMP,
  2. b)the implementation arrangements of same and
  3. c)the implementing partners to be involved.

IGAD will also use this opportunity to present a concept note on a regional pilot project on restoration of degraded lands / ecosystems in the IGAD region. The concept note is being developed together with UNEP to be submitted to the Global Climate Fund (GCF) and Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The following 4 experts from each member states are attending:

  •  from the Ministry in charge of biodiversity conservation,
  •  from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock,  with knowledge on value addition, value chains on natural resources and livestock products;
  •  from the Ministry / Institution in charge of the GEF,
  •  from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs,  in charge of migration or social affairs and employment.

Representatives from EUD Addis, IGAD/GIZ , UNEP Addis, IUCN, ICRAF and National Museum of Kenya were taking part of this 2 days meeting.



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