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26 November, 2023 (Mogadishu, Somalia): The Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), in collaboration with GIZ (Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit) has conducted Somalia National consultation meeting with representative  of government and partner agencies on Education towards Implementation of the Djibouti Declaration, today, in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The main objective of the two- day meeting is to assess on the implementation status of the Djibouti Declaration on Education in Somalia

Speaking on behalf of IGAD Director for Health and Social Development Division, Madam Fathia Alwan, Dr. Kebede Kassa Tsegay, Senior Coordinator for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Program Explained that the Somalia National Consultation meeting is to appraise the achievements since their costed plan has been endorsed in 2021.

“IGAD believes that such a national dialogue with relevant stake holders will create better understanding and pave the way for effective collaboration.” He added.

Dr Kebede also reminded that IGAD has been implementing the Djibouti Declaration and its plan of Action since 2017 reminded, among others, IGAD helped Member States to develop National costed plan for the implementation of the Djibouti Declaration.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Mohamed H. Muktar, Director for Curriculum, Ministry of Education republic of Somalia expressed that his Ministry is committed to be part of the implementation National Costed plan.

In his remarks,  Mr Teymour Anwar, Advisor for Rehabilitation of technical &vocation education & training in Somalia described that GIZ Somalia has partnered with IGAD and a sister GIZ project in Djibouti, to provide technical and financial support for the Ministry of Education in Somalia, to prepare an update on the implementation of the Djibouti Declaration, create a consensus on the Draft IGAD Qualifications Framework including the Roadmap for the development of a National Qualifications Framework, and learn on the status of the implementation of the National Costed Plan developed in collaboration between IGAD, GIZ, the Ministry of Education of Somalia and partners.

Mr Teymour Anwar stressed that the commitment to technical cooperation between Somalia and Germany through GIZ, formerly known as GTZ, stretches back to 1964. Today, that commitment to Somalia by Germany is reflected in 14 technical cooperation projects implemented by GIZ, and financial cooperation implemented by KfW, Stand: Erstellt von: Seite 2 with a total envelope of approximately 500 million Euros, primarily funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

“GIZ is committed to supporting Somalia engage in activities which actively promote harmonization of regional approaches.” He added.

Mr. Ayanle Awil Osman Head section, Africa Department bilateral, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Somalia, said that the meeting will amplify the quality of teacher training, pupil’s level of understanding to get good moral generation from all types of education roles like IDPs, refugees, and disabilities students.

Mr. Mohamed Jibril  Abdi, Head of Training,  Ministry of labour and Social affairs , in his part, pointed out that his Ministry is committed to creating jobs  and  teaching new skills to solve and  encourage Somali youth who haven’t enough work as well as opportunities.

The meeting brought together participants from relevant government offices of Somalia, partner agencies and the IGAD Secretariat.

During the closing ceremony, MS. Sagal Abdule, Education officer, ESTI, Health and Social Development highlighted that the National Consultation meeting generated important information and knowledge on the status of implementation of the Djibouti Declaration, which is one of the commitments of IGAD member states and partners and identified gaps and recommendations to filling the IGAD qualification Frameworks; and gained lessons in the implementation of the Somalia Costed National Plan and provided recommendation on the way forward.

It is to be remembered that the Djibouti Declaration was adopted in December 2017.

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