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March 5,2024, (MOGADISHU, Somalia): IGAD under the IGAD Support Platform on Forced Displacement conducted a 4-days capacity building training to the National Commission for Refugees and IDPs (NCRI) of the Federal Government of Somalia with the aim of strengthening the NCRI’s capacity in monitoring & evaluation (M&E), reporting and strategic communications.

The four-day training conducted from 2nd to 5th March, 2014 in Mogadishu emphasized the importance of utilizing M&E tools and findings for decision-making and program improvement. The training also explored various strategies for effectively communicating findings to key stakeholders for awareness raising, promoting and advocating for policy reforms, resource mobilization, and strengthening partnerships.

Participants were taken through the concepts of monitoring and evaluation planning and implementation with special focus on displacement affected communities, including M&E Frameworks, data collection and management, analysis and interpretation, indicator development, measurement, effective reporting and communications.

Speaking to participants at the training, the IGAD Head of Mission to the Federal Government of Somalia, Ambassador Mohamud Abdi Ahmed said that the implementation of M&E ensures the success and effectiveness of programs aimed at addressing the needs of refugees, IDPs, and returnees, and promoting their sustainable reintegration.
Ambassador Mohamud also commended the work of the NCRI in the institution’s recent achievements including the enacting of the Refugee and Asylum bill into law.
“By rigorously monitoring and evaluating our activities, we can demonstrate the value and impact of our programs to stakeholders, including government entities, donors, and the communities we serve.”
Other trainees were drawn from other government ministries, departments and agencies involved in interventions in the displacement space including the Ministries of Health and representatives from the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs & Reconciliation.
Ms. Safia Mohammed, the Commissioner at the National Commission for Refugees and IDPs thanked the IGAD Team for responding to the call for support. “Due to conflict and adverse effects of climate change, we are grappled with over three million displaced persons from within and across the borders,” Safia emphasised.
“We are committed to empowering our staff to offer appropriate and effective responses with the support of regional and development partners.”
Under the IGAD Support Platform on Forced Displacement, IGAD has been engaging and supporting member states in developing enabling policies, offering capacity building and providing a platform for learning and exchange among other interventions.

Launched at the 2019 Global Refugee Forum, The IGAD Support Platform is a mechanism to advocate and offer a comprehensive regional response to forced displacement in the IGAD Region.
The training was made available by funding from the Government of Sweden through Towards a Common Regional Mechanism for Refugee Management (CRMRM) Project.

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