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September 9, 2023 (BISHOFTU, Ethiopia): The IGAD Peace and Security Division, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, recently organised high-level consultative workshop aimed at contributing to the development of the Ethiopian Transitional Justice Policy. Held in the serene surroundings of Bishoftu, Ethiopia, the workshop brought together a select group of Ethiopian Federal and Regional Government Officials to engage in a comprehensive discussion on the critical subject of transitional justice.

Post-conflict peace-building is a multifaceted process that seeks to solidify peace, prevent the resurgence of conflict, and address the root causes of discord. One essential aspect of this process is transitional justice, which plays a pivotal role in examining the causes of conflicts, establishing the truth, rebuilding trust among stakeholders, and addressing the grievances of victims. Ethiopia, with its rich historical context, is taking a significant step forward by developing a comprehensive transitional justice policy that aligns with its current realities, cultural nuances, and political landscape.

Ethiopia recognizes the need for such a policy to address the unresolved legacies of its past and to pave the way for justice, reconciliation, equality, human rights, and inclusiveness in the future. To achieve this, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Justice established the Transitional Justice Working Group of Experts (TJWG). The TJWG is charged with the crucial task of crafting a comprehensive, context-specific, and nationally-driven transitional justice policy.

The objectives of the consultative workshop were to deepen the participants’ understanding of the fundamental concepts of transitional justice, generate and consolidate recommendations and inputs from government officials, and to agree on policy options that will serve as the foundation for crafting a comprehensive and nationally-driven transitional justice policy for Ethiopia.

The workshop employed a participatory and interactive methodology. Members of the Transitional Justice Working Group of Experts provided insights into transitional justice concepts and shared past transitional justice attempts in Ethiopia

A total of 45 participants, including government officials, PSD staff, experts and journalists, attended the workshop. Their valuable contributions enriched the discussions and added depth to the policy development process.

The IGAD Peace and Security Division remains committed to supporting such initiatives that promote peace, stability, and development across the region. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of the Ethiopian Transitional Justice Policy in the years to come.

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