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August 7, 2023 (ADAMA, Ethiopia): The Ethiopian National Partnership Coalition for Migration in collaboration with the IGAD kicks-off the annual performance Evaluation meeting, today, in Adama Ethiopia.

The main objective of the two – days meeting is to bring together all National Partnership Coalition for Migration and Regional States members’ higher officials to oversee and evaluate the 2015 E.C Ethiopian budget year National Partnership Coalition for Migration performances.  It is also to prepare Ethiopia’s next budget year’s annual migration plan at national level and to strengthen their coordination and cooperation in having better migration governance for the country.

 Mr. Mujib Jemal IGAD, Migration governance project coordinator said that our initiative encouraging support comes from the Ethiopian government endeavors and activities to implement the National Coordination Mechanism for Migration.

“IGAD will continue to work with members’ states and regional actors of National coordination Mechanism for migration.” He stressed

In her opening remarks, Hon. W/ro  Itsegenet  Mengistu, Chairperson of the permanent committee for the Law and Justice affairs, in the council of representative, FDRE,  explained that the house of the representative of people endorsed rules and legal frameworks for the governance  of Migration.

“I urged all the government sectors and our partners to implement those rules and legal frameworks with responsibility and accountability for the right of the Migrants.” She added.

Ato Alem’ante agidew, state Minster for government law and Justice service disclosed that the government of Ethiopia recognizes migration as a natural phenomenon that needs to be managed in a manner that promotes the benefits of migration while minimizing the related challenges associated with irregular migration.

Furthermore he emphasized that the better migration governance; Ethiopia has been adopting different policy, strategy, legal and institutional measures.

“ The Ethiopian National Partnership Coalition for Migration is led by the Ministry of Justice and accountable to the National Council and the Secretariat for the National Partnership Coalition is established under this Ministry.” He stated

During the opening ceremony, Ato Abrham Ayalew, head of the Secretariat National Coordination Mechanism for Migration in Ethiopia said that the national high level meeting discusses on the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration in Ethiopia National Partnership Coalition for Migration and Regional States performance.

The national annual migration performance evaluation meeting has evaluated the 2015 Ethiopian budget year performances and prepared annual performance plan of migration for the next budget year in a comprehensive way, in the presence of all relevant members of the federal institutions and regional states.

The Participants of the meeting were drawn from the members of National Partnership Coalition and the Regional States Partnership Coalition, as well as IGAD and partners.

This national annual migration performance evaluation meeting is funded by IGAD – Swiss project.

The meeting resulted in identifying the strengths and challenges during the implementation of the work plan and to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of coordination between the National Partnership Coalition and regional States; identify gaps and provide appropriate solutions for the identified gaps.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has adopted the Global Compact for Migration and formally launched the implementation of Global Compact for Migration in 2019 after identifying 10 priority objectives from the 23 objectives of the Compact in line with national priorities to accelerate progress and attaining the goals.

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