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(October 29, 2020 (Nairobi, Kenya) The Intergovernmental Authority on Development is meeting in Nairobi to formulate its strategy for 2021 to 2025. The meeting, attended by all the divisions, programs, and institutions of the organization, discussed the previous 2016-2020 strategy and the formulation of the strategy and 5-year implementation plan.

The Executive Secretary of IGAD, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, in his opening statement stated the challenges facing the region.  “The succession of crises that afflicted our region through the Covid-19 pandemic, desert locust invasion and flooding has compelled us to be more adaptable than ever before. It has been a year of learning lessons, adapting to new ways of working and sharpening our simultaneous response to multiple threats,” says the Executive Secretary.

Dr. Workneh emphasized the importance of communication, cooperation, and coordination in the formulation of the organization’s strategy.  “As we identify our strategic priorities for the next 5 years, let us have our people and their most urgent needs and concerns at the forefront of our minds,” he reminded the participants.

The regional strategy, formulated every five years, guides the organization to deliver on its mandate effectively. The 2016-2020 Regional Strategy promotes six strategic objectives:

  • Attainment of food security.
  • Sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.
  • Economic cooperation and regional integration.
  • Social development.
  • Good governance, peace, and security.
  • Enhancement of the corporate capacity of IGAD.

In 2019, IGAD has undergone a major overhauling which will give fresh impetus to its operations and bolster development partners’ trust which will lead IGAD to meet its overarching goal and strategic objectives. The resumption of the ordinary policy organ meetings, appointment of a new Executive Secretary, selection of a new Chair and adoption of a new structure constitute the necessary ingredients for a stronger, more responsive, and more effective IGAD.

“I call upon all of us never to forget for whom we are working. It is on behalf of our brothers and sisters, the hardworking taxpayers of our respective countries that IGAD strives,” said Dr. Workneh.

Considering the emerging issues, the meeting is expected to decide IGAD’s strategic priorities for the next five years.

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