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Kampala, UGANDA, 25-06-2014: The Inland Water Resources Management Program (INWRMP) of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in conjunction with Makerere University’s School of Law opened the first ever training course on water law and policy for IGAD member states’ concerned ministries this morning at the Environmental Law Centre on Makerere Campus in Kampala, Uganda.

Among other things, the INWRMP is supporting IGAD Member States in the development of a regional policy and legal framework for water resources management, in accordance with the provisions of the Financing Agreement between IGAD and the European Union. It’s in this respect that the overall goal of this training course is to contribute to the enhancement of the institutional capacities needed at the national and regional levels for water laws and policy implementation.

Specifically, this three-day training course is focused on international water law as dispensed by three renowned experts. And it is Makerere University Environmental Law Center (MUELC) that was selected, in pursuance to the recommendations of the 4th Meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee of the INWRMP held in Kenya in October 2013, to serve as the Center for Law and Policy for the IGAD region and provide specialized trainings to officials from ministries in charge of water affairs and (water) law experts.

The fourteen participants to this training course were welcomed by Prof Emmanuel Kisambazi, Chair of the MUELC. He also spoke on behalf of the Dean of the School of Law, Dr Damalie Naggita Musoke, in these terms: “We are extremely pleased to have IGAD as our partner to facilitate the training course which is aimed at providing officials from the IGAD member states with exposure to topics of international water law relevant within the IGAD regional context, so as to enhance their capacity to handle regional water resources management issues and negotiate solutions”.

“I am sure that the course will assist you to appreciation trans-boundary water management issues and provide you with information that equips you to design policies in your countries”, he added.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Daher Elmi, IGAD Natural Resources Program Manager, thanked the School of Law of Makerere University for hosting and helping organize the training course. “Indeed, this is the first training course of its kind, and the subject matter is of great importance to IGAD and Member States”, he said.

He also highlighted the financial support provided by the European Union to the INWRM Program as a whole. He encouraged the participants and the training experts to make this training seminar lively and interactive.

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