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Djibouti, 03-11-2013: The FAO Representative to Djibouti, Ms. Emmanuelle Guerne Bleich, this morning presented her credentials to the Executive Secretary of IGAD, Ambassador Mahboub Maalim, in the presence of the Director of the Agriculture and Environment Division of IGAD, Mr. Mohamed Moussa, and the Focal Point of FAO to IGAD who is also newly appointed Representative of FAO to Sudan, Dr. Abdi Djama.


The ceremony was held at IGAD Secretariat. Here is a summary of the remarks by the Executive Secretary of IGAD on this occasion:

“Thank you very much to the newly appointed FAO Representative to Djibouti and IGAD for her kind words and we welcome her as the FAO Representative to IGAD.

May I also take this opportunity to thank the Regional Director of FAO for further deepening the relations between FAO and IGAD in terms of programmatic support, institutional support, and political support.

Emmanuelle Guerne Bleich is the first FAO Representative to IGAD, which means a lot to us.

I commit myself to working even more with FAO.”

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