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Mr. Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed and Mahboub Maalim(IGAD-Djibouti) “We will work with you and I assure you my support in your work for IGAD” said Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, Djibouti’s Minister of Agriculture as he finished meeting with IGAD’s newly appointed Executive Secretary, Mr. Mahboub Maalim.


IGAD’s Executive Secretary made working visit to the Ministry of Agriculture to pave the way for stronger member state involvement in IGAD’s mandate.


“We work for you [the member state] and the organization will work for the interest of the region,” said Mr. Maalin, promising closer relationship between the secretariat and Djibouti.

The Ministry of Agriculture is a vocal point ministry of Djibouti. The Minister welcomed the Executive Secretary to Djibouti and wished him well in his new job.

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