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Eng. Maalim and Mr. LuediThis morning, Thursday 14th August 2008, a cooperation agreement was signed between IGAD and ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross] at the latter’s regional office in Nairobi. H.E. Eng Mahboub Maalim signed on behalf of IGAD and Mr Christoph Luedi did it for ICRC.


After the brief ceremony that was preceeded by an early breakfast, Eng Maalim said the cooperation will be of great benefit to both organizations in the field and increase their existing partnership. Mr Luedi thanked the IGAD Executive Secretary for expediting the process of getting the cooperation agreement signed after a three-year wait. He expressed his hope to see more joint activities between the two partners for the benefit of the people of the Horn of Africa.


The eight-article agreement points to cooperation and consultation between the two institutions, promotes representation and participation in conferences and meetings of the two bodies, and encourages convening the same on matters of mutual interest. The agreement further supports joint activities, technical cooperation, exchange of information and documents, and consultation on programmes.

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