Administration and Finance Division

About the Administration and Finance division of IGAD

Mr. Josephat Onyari
Director Administration and Finance Division

The Administration and Finance Division (AFD) of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) serves as the backbone of the organization, providing critical support and resources necessary for its smooth and efficient operation. This division is integral to IGAD’s mission of promoting regional cooperation and development in Eastern Africa.

The AFD’s ICT unit is responsible for managing all facets of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at IGAD. It involves developing and maintaining cutting-edge IT systems, ensuring robust network security, providing technical support and training, and leading digital transformation initiatives. The ICT unit also manages telecommunications systems to ensure seamless communication. This role is vital for keeping IGAD technologically advanced, secure, and operationally efficient.

Procurement is another critical area. The division ensures that the procurement of goods and services is conducted ethically, transparently, and in a manner that provides the best value for the organization. This includes managing supplier relationships, overseeing contracts, and maintaining inventory.

Additionally, the AFD manages Information and Documentation (I&D) of the organization. It is responsible for coordinating the policy organ meetings, maintaining records, managing data, and facilitating knowledge sharing within IGAD. This function supports informed decision-making and effective communication across the organization and its stakeholders.

The Administration and Finance Division of IGAD is a cornerstone of the organization, enabling it to fulfill its mission by providing essential administrative, financial, and logistical support.

Human Resource Management is another key responsibility. The division is tasked with recruiting, training, and managing staff. By ensuring the organization is well-staffed with skilled and motivated personnel, the division plays a vital role in the overall productivity and effectiveness of IGAD.

One of the primary roles of the AFD is Financial Management. It oversees all financial aspects of the organization, including budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, and auditing. This ensures not only financial transparency and accountability but also the effective allocation and use of resources.

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