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Contract Award Notice
Construction of the New IGAD Headquarter Building Project

(a)  Employer:

IGAD Secretariat

Ave Georges Clemenceau P.O. Box 2653
Djibouti City
Republic of Djibouti

Tel: +253-213 54050


(b)     Contract:

Name of Contract:    Construction of the New IGAD Headquarter Building Project

Reference No.:          58/09/2022

Selection Method:    Open Competitive Bidding (International)

(c)     Read out and Evaluated Bid prices:

Name of Bidder Bid price Evaluated Bid price
China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) USD 45,474,269.70


USD 45,474,268.60


DJI-FU SARL USD 50,822,352.08 USD 50,822,352.08
CFHEC – SOCOPI JV USD 56,432,872.34 USD 56,432,872.34

(d) Rejected Non-responsive Bidder:

Name of Bidder Reason why Non-responsive
China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp Ltd & China Construction Harbour and Channel Engineering Bureau Group Co Ltd In line with bidding requirements, the bidder did not provide information and documentation for the equipment needed. They didn’t also provide the Environmental and Social Management Strategies and Implementation Plan (ES-MSIP) or supporting certificates for the key personnel proposed.

(e) Successful Bidder:

Name: China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)

Total contract Price: USD 45,474,268.60 Contract Duration: 548 days

Scope of Contract:

Construction of New IGAD HQ Building having Main Building, Security Infrastructure, and Exterior Areas. The Main Building covers a total gross area of 12,400 square meters developed on a sub-basement, basement floor, ground floor, and three floors above ground. The Security Infrastructure includes security fences, lodges, a visitor’s screening area, and a utility building. The Exterior Areas include internal circulation roads, parking, and green areas.

(f) Successful Bidder’s Beneficial Ownership Disclosure Form:

IGAD press end

Download attached Contract Award Notice document in PDF below.

Contract Award Notice – New IGAD HQ Building Project

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