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The Executive Secretary

Amb( Eng) Mahboub held discussion with Mr Linden Morrison, the Director, Africa High Impact 2 , GF secretariat on 21 July 2017.

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His Excellency Amb. Mahboub along with the IGAD visited the GF secretariat and discussed with the Director, Africa high impact 2 and member of GF country team about the grant and collaboration. On his remarks, his excellency emphasized that GF needs to support IGAD in getting the continuity of the grant for additional three years and opening of regional window for accessing fund.

Mr Linden acknowledge IGAD for giving the opportunity to the secretariat to have knowledge and understanding about the management of regional grant in a humanitarian set up and to engage at the political level for humanitarian affair issues. He further indicated that IGAD should demonstrate how this grant respond to the crisis and results. There will be request for proposal next year and IGAD can be the potential applicants.

The IGAD team made presentation about the implementation status of the grant, results achieved so far, challenges and focuses for the remaining period of the grant to the GF country teams of IGAD member countries and other relevant departments at the GF secretariat. Following the presentation there was Q&A and discussion session and the IGAD team provided adequate clarification and responses to the issues raised.


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